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Private Flood | Cobra Flood

Flood Insurance Guidance to Lenders National Flood Insurance & Flood Disaster Protection Act (PDF)
Coastal Barrier Resources Act 1990 (PDF) Requirements to Purchase Flood Insurance (PDF)
Cobra Flood Insurance Brochure Coastal Barrier Resources Act 2000 (PDF)
2007 Guide to Mandatory Purchase Requirement Coastal Barrier Resources Act 1982 (PDF)
Coastal Barrier Resources Act 2005 (PDF) Cobra Flood Application (PDF)

Private flood insurance is provided, by our agency, to homeowners in Coastal Barrier Resource Areas as designated by the CBRA of 1982.  SFI Group, Inc has a dedicated staff with exceptional knowledge about the Coastal Barrier Resource Act and its subsequent reauthorizations by Congress. We have scoured the internet searching for private flood insurance sites and usually come up with flood insurance websites that tell us flood insurance is not available in CBRA zones from the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program). We already know this. 

We have developed a true private flood insurance program. We have access to several different markets that offer private flood insurance in Coastal Barrier Resource Act or CBRA zones. Additionally, we can provide flood insurance for your home in any non-participating community. These communities are also not eligible for NFIP flood coverage. This does not mean you cannot get flood insurance!

We have researched the marketplace and have found several avenues through which to obtain private flood insurance where federal flood insurance is not available. Commonly known as Cobra Flood or CBRA Flood, private flood insurance is available to our clients. Whether you have had losses from floods or not, SFI Group, Inc has a private flood insurance program for you.

Over the past 20 years, SFI Group has developed several private flood programs and new contacts to bring this much needed and difficult to find flood coverage to you. To receive more information about CBRA zones or Private Flood insurance, please take a minute to fill out the Private Flood insurance application. In order to provide you a firm quote we will need a copy of your elevation certificate and a picture of the front and the back of your home (or the one you are buying).

If you have been told you can’t get flood insurance… someone has told you wrong! Fill out our brief application below and find out for yourself, how you can get flood insurance in CBRA designated or OPA (Otherwise Protected Area) designated zones! Let SFI Group help!

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