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The NFIP Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance Manual (PDF)

Dwelling Flood Policy (PDF)

2007 Guide to Mandatory Purchase Requirement (PDF)

Grandfathering Rules (PDF)

Flood Insurance Basics (PDF)

Flood Insurance Guidance to Lenders (PDF)

Flood Claims Handbook (PDF)

Summary of Flood Coverage (PDF)

Flood Insurance vs Disaster Assistance (PDF)

Lowest Floor Guide (PDF)

FEMA NFIP Definitions

FEMA Flood Insurance Library

NFIP Flood insurance is a specialty for our agents at SFI Group, Inc. Many agents across the country can sell you a flood policy; however, few know the NFIP Flood Insurance policy like the folks here at SFI Group, Inc.  In many areas, an NFIP Flood Policy is the only thing protecting you from flood dangers, such as coastal storm surge, river bank overflow, ground water runoff as well as mudflow.  These are perils typically excluded from your homeowners, commercial or condominium insurance policies unless you purchase this coverage in the form of an NFIP Flood Insurance policy. 

An NFIP Flood Insurance Policy is the best way to protect yourself from the peril of flood.  Please take a few minutes to read the attached NFIP Flood Policies on this page and become familiar with the coverage they provide.  At SFI Group, we are happy to assist you with any of your questions regarding the NFIP flood policy and its coverage.  Call us or send us an email to learn more about the NFIP Flood Policy and how it can benefit you to be insured even if your lender does not force you to purchase an NFIP Flood Policy.

We are here to help you pick up the pieces and rebuild after a disaster. We have done this many times before and are experienced in claims handling to bring the claim to a satisfactory resolution.

Coastal Flood insurance also protects your interests if someone gets hurt on your property.
Remember, the experienced agents at SFI Group, Inc. are ready to help protect you with a solid coastal Flood insurance package to fit your needs.

Start the process today and let SFI Group show you how a trained insurance professional can truly make a difference!


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